Brother and Sister? Separate doors please.

“Shelter From the Storm” at 5 pm after being out in the sunny but cold 34 degree fahrenheit day.  One kitten rounds the center cabinets to the north, the other rounds the south bend.  Both end up at the food bowls.

If I go into the kitchen Jinks will jump up on the stool.  I’ll decide to pet him on the top of his head but as I bring  my hand away from him he puts his paw up and pulls my hand back to him so I’ll rub his belly from the front (total Maine Coon behavior, using paws to get their way).  Impatient and lightly meowing for food they still have to wait until 6pm.

Finally dinner is served.  Jinks jumps right in but Sophie, most of the time, will watch her brother start in eating and look on with disdain even though she has been hanging around waiting for the event as much as him.  She waits and waits until I can’t take it any more and pick her up and put her in front of her bowl.  (If I don’t, her brother will finish his food and move on to her bowl and I’ll be stuck dishing up more food.)  She looks up at me like – aren’t you forgetting something?  And until I pet her she will continue to stand there ignoring the food.

After the 2 seconds it takes for them to finish eating (why do both cats eat like wolves?  Don’t they know they’re felines?) they then go to the door to be let out.  But no, they don’t both go to the sliding glass door they came in.  Oh no.  Jinks returns to the sliding door, but Sophie, little princess that she is, will watch her brother go out the sliding glass door and then stand at the opposite side of the space at the front door.  It’s a “Son of a Bitch”.  I’ve even picked her up and placed her in front of the sliding glass door while it’s open and she will turn around and go to the front door waiting to go out.  I indulge, after all, people are irrelevant so why not do as she pleases.


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