Guest Post – by Dan Essman

Upon discovering a match up of cat qualities between our cats many miles apart – Dan informed me of the following poem he had written.  Since it seemed to go right along with my cat pair, he graciously has allowed me to reprint it here.  Enjoy!

ode to captain

our tuxedo kit kat yowls and mews
his hopeless owners to abuse
such a ruckus racks our threshold
i cringe, i shudder and then i scold
but still our feckless kit kat scratches
unlock the locks!  unlatch the latches!
then there sits he insouciant…yawns
a monarch to his grateful pawns
his royal furriness has nerve to grouse
then saunters round behind the house
he’s at the front, he wants the back
i’m going to have a heart attack
he’s at the back he wants the front,
(my wife calls this his favorite stunt)
we never should have picked the runt
i bang my forehead and implore
for godsakes, kat! just choose a door

dan essman 1 october 2012