Name Update

Sophie has another name.  It came in the side door and now must be added to the list: 


That’s two names per year of living.



  • cwi                                    (cat wants in)
  • cwo                                   (cat wants out)
  • grand central                  (one wants in, one wants out)
  • carpool lane                    (little girl comes in the sliding glass door, walks straight ahead to the front door and goes out)
  • shelter from the storm   (both want in at the same time and turn their heads in unison at a noise and then back again at the same time)
  • land rush                          (both want out at the same time)
  • _______(one wants in – call other – close door – walk two feet away – other wants in)
  • son of a bitch (one wants out the sliding door, one wants out the front door and won’t budge)
  • stretching and leaning as high up against the sliding glass door as possible (only when outside) means Jinks wants in
  • paw at the crack of the door will eventually open it

Sophie and Jinks – > – > – > – > Dinah and Bubba

They were just kittens whose mother came in from the cold to have her babies. 

The smart one and the cuddly one. 

No basing our choice on just looks – we’d learned that lesson years ago – though they were cute.  They needed a home, we needed the love.

And then to name them.  It was a hard decision (did we make a decision?).  The brother is Jinks or Bubba or the reincarnation of Big Cat.  The sister is Sophie or Dinah or Little Girl.  I prefer Little Girl so I don’t get in between husband and daughter choices.  Let’s just say they are multi-named and move on.