Who is top cat?


Normally Jinks and Sophie sleep in their own but same spot for a couple of weeks at a time – neither would dare to take over the others’ location.  Eventually one will decide to pick a new spot and the other will follow suit.  Now, however, there’s  a Christmas tree in the house and there is one coveted  spot.  It has everything a cat could want.  It’s got warmth (even though it’s on top of a vent that’s covered with cardboard and a brick to not dry out the tree), it’s a great hiding spot, it has wonderful peek out ability, and incredibly low access for humans.

This spot is different.  This spot gives power to whomever is there.  Never has one cat challenged the other over use, but if the spot is empty it’s taken over by whomever can get there first.

As can be seen, tonight Jinks is top cat and Sophie is relegated to the chair.