My door, Your door

It has become apparent that brother and sister have chosen doors for themselves.  Jinks has always ruled the back deck sliding glass door (most photos of them both at the back will show him at the ready and Sophie a foot or so behind).  But what’s a non-meowing kitten to do?  The only other door is wooden. 

Well, Sophie started out by insisting on going out the front door even if the back was already opened for Jinks.  Then one day I heard a faint meow type sound and thought one of them had gotten stuck in the garage (which has a door to the house), but no.  I heard it again and tried the front door.  There she was and in she came.  Now she fairly frequently will meow at the front to come in – still this faint sound, though sometimes she gets more gumption and is louder.

But I still didn’t understand the definitiveness of whose door was whose until today.  I was in the front yard and both cats were there (unusual, usually only Sophie is out front).  It was before either had been fed their morning meal.  As I went to the front door and opened it, Sophie bounded in.  I glanced over to call Jinks to come in also, but only heard an unidentified sound.  I had a hunch, but didn’t know for sure until I turned my head through the house to the closed back deck sliding glass door and sure enough, there was Jinks.  The sound I had heard was Jinks racing through the bush, over the side fence and around to the back in the time it took me to turn my head.  I obliged and walked through the house and let him in.  Obviously he is fully aware that the front door belongs solely to Sophie.

p.s.  Sophie is still allowed to come in and out the back.  Jinks does not own the back door.  It’s she that rules the place even though Jinks is a big hunk of a guy.